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Acupuncture at Holt Holistic Centre

Traditional Chines Medicine is a system of diagnosis and treatment which has continued into modern times and which continues to be developed. It enables the practitioner to formulate a diagnosis and to then create a treatment strategy for a very diverse range of conditions which affect our health and wellbeing.

One aspect is that acupuncture has been demonstrated to increase the blood flow in an area as well as reducing inflammation and relaxing local muscles, that is why it is beneficial for pain and injuries.  

Acupuncture also has a relaxing effect we feel calmer and this reduces the impact that illness and injury has on us, and is why one of the most common issues seen by acupuncturists is  pain both chronic and acute offering a strategy for relief.

Apart from pain recent updates in acupuncture research by insurance companies indicate 50 health conditions in which this form of treatment approach is as effective as other treatments for example IBS, headache, weak bladder, poor sleep, neuralgic pain. 

Another aspect of this form of treatment is its ability to multitask, for example a person comes because of their headaches and while this is being treated, they find their digestion has improved and they are sleeping better, this is because the treatment system is working on multiple levels for our bodies. 

I am always happy to talk about whether acupuncture might be a treatment option for someone as it can be used for a diverse range of health issues. Call or email me and I will contact you back. 


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Holt Holistic Centre 10 Station Road Holt Norfolk NR25 6BS

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